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Sanjeev B
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• Over 10 years of Oracle Applications Experience. Oracle Apps Versions 10.6, 10.7, 10.7 NCA, 11, 11.5.x, 11i, 11.5.10, 11.5.10.x, R12.x. • Strong Oracle HRMS Functional and Technical – HR, Payroll, OTA, OTM/OTL, SST, SSHR, SSPAY, SSBEN, ICD, Approvals Management (AME), Workflow, Standard and Advanced Benefits, Compensation Work Bench, Web ADI, HR/HRMS Workbench. Combined functional and technical skills for problem resolution – Functional, Technical or Combination of both. • Project Management for Oracle Applications in particular the Oracle HRMS Suite for implementations, RICE and other component enhancements and delivery. • Oracle Public Sector HRMS implementation 10.7, 11.x, 11.5.x(11i), – HR, Payroll, AME, OTM/OTL, SST, SSHR, Benefits, OAB, OSB, Oracle Budgets, PSB, Enterprise Planning and Budgets, Labor Distribution, ICD. • Well Versed in Oracle Coding Standards and use of oracle tools. • Extensively implemented Oracle Human Resources Suite – HR, Payroll, OTA, OTM, SSHR, SSPAY, SSBEN, Fast Formulas, OAB, OSB, PSB, Web ADI, Budgets, Labor Distribution, ICD, Forms Configurator in US and around the world. Extensive functional and technical knowledge and abilities for worldwide HRMS implementations. Involved in the Oracle’s largest implementations around the world. • Proficient with Oracle HR and Payroll requirements and Localization’s around the world and implementation experience – USA, UK, Canada, French, Italian, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. • Proficient with global HRMS implementations – HR, Payroll, OTA, SSHR, SST, Benefits, and OTM/OTL. Fast Formulas, Forms Configurator, Oracle Hierarchy Diagrammer 11i, Oracle Federal HR, Oracle Public Sector HR, Oracle Labor Distribution, Public Sector Budgeting, Oracle Budgets, Oracle Advanced Benefits, Oracle Standard Benefits, Approvals Management Engine (AME), ICD (Individual Incentive Compensation), Enterprise Planning and Budgeting, Compensation Work Bench, Web ADI. • Developed customizations and interfaces for HRMS Suite of applications. and worked on many other oracle applications – Oracle AR, GL, AP, FA, PO, Projects, OSC, Cash Management. IPayment, PSB, OAB, OSB, Oracle Budgets, AME, Workflow, Web ADI. • Proficient with Oracle Tools – Developer 2000 – Forms, Reports, Custom Library, Discoverer, Oracle Workflow, Approvals Management Engine, Web ADI, OA Framework. • Developed numerous interfaces, reports, custom library, and forms customizations for various Oracle Financial Applications – GL, FA, AP, PO, Projects, AR, Public Sector Budgeting (PSB), Kronos, ADP, Other Time Management Systems, ADP Report Smith Reports, Order Management implementation and integration with OTA Modules. • Proficient in Oracle iExpenses / Self Service Expenses setup and implementation. • Setup and implemented Oracle Financial Analyzer. Created reports using Oracle Financial Analyzer. Modification of forecasting process parameters. Ability to maneuver between financial analyzer, Discoverer, Oracle Reports, and oracle applications. Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. Create unique driving solutions for reporting. • Proficient in working in the UNIX, VAX, and Windows Environment. Worked on numerous versions of Sun Solaris, HP Unix Boxes, IBM RS6000, SGI, NeXT, Digitial, Unisys Servers. Ability to use X-Windows environment. Ability to work with IBM Mainframe Environments. SKILLS HIGHLIGHT Oracle Products Oracle Applications – Oracle HRMS SUITE 10.6, 10.7, 11.x, 11i, 11.5.x, 12.x, Oracle Human Resources V16.1, V16.0, Rel 10SC, 10.7 NCA, 11.0, 11i, 12 (Oracle HR Application 11.0, 10SC, 10.7 NCA, 11.0, 11i, 12, Oracle Payroll Application 11.0, 10SC, 10.7 NCA, 11.0, 11i, 12, Fast Formulas 10.7, 11.x, 11.5.x, 11i, 12, OAB 11i, 12), Oracle Compensation and Benefits, Oracle Advance Benefits, Oracle Standard Benefits, Incentive Compensation, Oracle Diagrammer , Forms Configurator 11.5.x, 11i, 12. Oracle Training Administration OTA 11.0, 11i, 12, Oracle Time Management OTM 11.0, 11i, 12, Oracle Time and Labor OTL 11i, 12, Self Service Time SST 11i, 12, Self Service Human Resources SSHR 11i, 12, Oracle Government Federal HR Rel 10, 11, 11i, Oracle Public Sector HR, Payroll and Public Sector Budgeting, 10.7, 11, 11i, 12, HR Business Intelligence Services Rel 11.0, 11i,12, Oracle Labor Distribution, Oracle Accounts Receivable 11.x, 11i,12, Oracle Projects 11i,12, Oracle Fixed Assets 11i,12, Oracle Accounts Payables 11.x, 11i,12, Oracle iPayment 11i, 11.5.x, 12, Oracle Financial Analyzer, Oracle Cash Management 12, 11i, 10SC, 10.7 NCA, Oracle Sales Compensation 10SC, Oracle Sales Management 10SC, Oracle General Ledger 10SC, 10.7, 11.x, 11i, 12, Oracle Web ADI 11i, 12, Oracle Receivables 10.7, 11.0, 11i, 12, Oracle Purchasing 10.7, 11.0, 11i, 12, Oracle Workflow, EDMS, RDBMS V7.1, V7.2, V7.3, V8.x, V8i, V9i, Developer/2000, 6.0, 6i, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Book, Oracle WebServer 2.1, SQL*Loader, RDBMS V6.0, Oracle Discoverer/2000, Oracle Discoverer 3.0, 3i, 4i, Oracle Transparent Gateway. Other Products MS Office 97, Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows 5.0, AUTOCAD 12.0, SuperProject Plus, COGO, WordPerfect 6.0, AmiPro, Canvas 3.1, Interleaf, Quattro Pro, CADKEY7, Tool for Oracle Developers (TOAD), ADE (Application Data Export for Oracle HRMS Applications), SQL Navigator for Oracle, CITRIX, Hummingbird. Operating Systems UNIX, HP-Apollo, HP-Superdome, DEC – Alpha, Sun Microsystems, Sun Solaris, NeXT, Silicon Graphics, Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 97, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, IBM Mainframe CMS, MS-DOS 6.22, Macintosh. Programming Languages SQL, PL/SQL, FORTRAN, C, BASIC. Programming Environments UNIX on Sun Solaris, HP-Unix , Digital Unix, Dec-Alpha, Windows 95, 97, 98, 2000, ME, NT, IBM RS6000, SGI. Management/Leadership Skills Software Upgrades, Application Development, Database Administration, Team Lead – Functional and Technical, Project Management. Life Cycle Expertise Functional And Technical Oracle Applications Implementation and Development, Applications Conversion. Specialty Skills APIs Development, Implementation and Testing for Oracle HRMS Applications, Custom Applications Development Using Developer 2000 Tools, Database Administration, Installation of RDBMS and Tools, Installation and Configuration of Oracle WebServer, Database Administration, Oracle Workflow.


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