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What Can Really Go Wrong on ERP project ?

OMG vs LOL !

What risks can an ERP project really have ?

We have often seen nightmare experiences on all kinds of ERP, HCM,CRM and such enterprise projects. e.g Clients sign up with a 'blue-chip' tier 1 provider who make great presentations. They quote at 110% of your true fully stretched budget. You took it because, you wanted a great brand name to implement for you, did not know how to pick a vendor, vendor references came out great ( of course duh !). Before even quarter of the project completes they raise enough changes that push the budget to 150% of your original figure. You cannot get out because a) you cannot go to top management and ask for another 40% increase b) you cannot stop work either c) your internal team does not have the expertise nor bandwith to run the project or implement the product by themselves d) The vendor knows all the above. Any shift in vendors will cause a 200% overall cost. You are ready to pawn your socks off to somehow get this project done now. This is just one scenario. There are so many others we know of !

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List the services, skills, products, code snippets, test scripts, business processes, change management artifacts, conversion tools, integrators, connectors, requirements etc that you can offer. Enterprise clients interested in your services will contact you. Alternatively you can browse the projects and send a proposal as well. Remember ! Though 80% of the workforce has the skills and services already only less than 9% will ever take the steps to monetize them. Be a 9 percenter.

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There is a 70% probability that your ERP project will overshoot your estimation by 50% of cost and budget. There are many root causes. It makes a lot of sense to have your thinly-stretched internal teams augmented with tools, services, products and consultants from the marketplace. Ref : Estimating the Time and Cost of ERP and ERP II Projects: A 10-Step Process ( What can you do ? Think and post your ERP / HCM /CRM project requirements here. Or ask us via the whatsapp / telegram button. Typical ERP needs you may have are Cost & Time estimations, RFQ services, Data conversion tools, Dashboards, Project management setups, sample project plans, integrators and connectors, business processes , test scripts or just consultants to do what you want to be done. Post them all and reach over 1500+ consultants across the globe or region-specific instantly. Results will be delivered in an orderly fashion to you.